My Story

In 2003 I was a victim of a severe domestic violent act. I was stabbed five times in the neck, the afflictions of the knife injured my trachea, my vocal cords, and my esophagus. In fact, the doctor told me I will never speak above a whisper again. My response to him was " You don't have the last say." When I told him that he had a smug look on his face but it didn't matter because I innately knew I would talk again. There was no doubt.

During my course of healing I spent several hours in nature communicating with the universe. I used natural resources and methods to complete my healing process internally and externally, eventually, I was able to speak again. The complete healing process took a couple of years as there was and still is excessive scarring tissue but my voice itself returned. After this atrocious act, I had an opening from the heart chakra to love and love deeply. I saw life from a different perspective. I didn't feel hate for my attacker or for others. this feeling of love was overwhelming and I was operating from a space that was foreign to me. I wanted to tell the world that I survived an atrocious act. Eventually, that story played out as I was no different from any other survivor of domestic abuse. Therefore, over time I didn't embrace and nurture this new way of thinking and returned to my old way of thoughts and habits.

Eight years later I married again subconsciously for all the wrong reasons, to my surprise or maybe not... I found myself in another abusive relationship. This time it was more emotional and mental which in my opinion is worse than physical. At least with physical abuse, the physical wounds heal over time and in some cases, you become immune to it. However, the narcissistic abuse I experience was almost indescribable and I was fortunate to get out when I did (the marriage lasted about 10 months). When I left the marriage I felt a low I have never felt before, insecurity, self-doubt, and fear crept into my mind. I couldn't manifest or vocalize my thoughts or ideas. I was very insignificant and lost. Although, the last thing I wanted to take over me was anger and bitterness. Therefore, I made a conscious decision to transition from this behavior and do a thorough self-analysis and examination in order for this never to happen again.

During my transition I pondered as to why I experienced abuse twice and what was my lesson and what am I supposed to do? Everything was unclear and unanswered until several years later when I found my voice and my purpose. As I mentioned before my vocal cords were puncture and I was told I would never speak again which means I would lose my verbal expression. But I am a firm believer that the Universe is wise and loving. Every traumatic experience has an opening to something greater than us that leads us to our purpose.

When I made a conscious decision to connect my purpose to something greater than me and form a vision that included a new perspective, things begin to change and opportunities were created.

Since I use my talents as a platform I have been able to create conversations that revolve around social injustices, income inequality, social discrimination, displacement of housing and transitioning from abuse. As a public speaker and actor _I now operate on purpose with the ability to Live authentically and Live with Valor.

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Gaining Power over Fear

Societal Fear, My Fear or No Fear?
In today's climate there are so many things that incite fear. With the paradigm shift and the way things are moving in the future for society, fear has kept many people in "fright mode" ultimately leading to hopelessness and depression. The nation has allowed fear to dictate the quality of one's life through social media and "fake news" that has resulted in one's action which can arouse violent acts towards others or self or immobilizing one to do nothing. Neither of which has been helpful in this time and age of concerns with climate change, income inequality, declination of life expectancy, artificial intelligence (system automation) and social injustices. The future for the millennial can be questionable and has reflected with an increased teenage mortality rate. There are so many external factors stimulating this fear which is causing a disconnect from humanity putting us on autopilot in "survival mode".

Let's not forget the various injustices regarding socialism and capitalism that many of us experience on a day to day level. When people are deprived of injustices it causes insanity and we begin to operate from lower levels that are subjected to fear. The love and compassion for humanity are almost non-existent as we seek emotional gratification in artificial material things that do not exist. We are impatient with each other and lack patience and tolerance with ourselves. We have become so unauthentic with ourselves and actions we have lost our vision. Critical thinking, problem solving and creativity may as well as be an obsolete factor since the increase in technology and social media interaction has almost superseded human contact, intimate conversations, and individual coping skills.

Fear is covertly implemented in our daily interactions that one has to wonder are your thoughts really your thoughts? We are stimulated from many different outside forces that we fail to discern what's real and what is made up. It is pressing that we come out of this matrix of events and begin to illustrate the power of our thoughts. Otherwise, when this paradigm shift takes place you will still be plagued with doubt and fear of the "what ifs" and continue projecting of horrific scenarios into your future. What is causing your fear? Do you know? Fear can skew our ability to recreate our circumstances, fear can immobilize us, fear can lead to random acts and result in harm to our physical and mental health, as well as strip us of our power.

Hence how do we overcome fear? Fear is a lack of knowledge. We challenge it! We remain present! We prepare! And we practice mindfulness by going back to basics. When you tackle fear you can reframe your imagination around the possibilities.

All you have to do is make up your mind to do so. Let's Tackle Fear and gain our power of vision back! As your coach, I will give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while becoming well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Finally learning to live authentically and Live with Valor!

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The Goal to Transition

Being an individual who has had several challenges throughout my lifetime I have come to recognize that having vision and hope will always guide you through the darkest hour. I have experienced several setbacks and disappointments with a myriad of life changing events. In some instances these life changing events have created doubt and fear, ultimately affecting my ability to change my reality and create possibilities.

However through these setbacks and disappointments I learned things are not always what they appear to be, but with vision and hope I can reframe my thinking and learn to experience pitfalls without being as moved. We have to change our perspective on the outcomes, trust and know the universe is wise and loving all the time and has our best interest! Once I embraced this thought process I decided to share and utilize my life experiences through acting with a purpose and public speaking. Ultimately inspiring others to take back their power, reinvest in themselves, overcome everyday life challenges and get off the sidelines to play and live this game we call life! This is how Living with Valor transpired.

I have been asked, “What is Valor?” Valor is having the tenacity to be bold, courageous, determined, prowess and having the fortitude to live out your dreams, tackle your fears, accomplish your goals, create great relationships and love beyond measure no matter what age and stage you are in your life! Know that starting all over does not mean you failed it just means you know how to get there in half the time because you learned from your mistakes. When you implement this process and it becomes a part of your daily practice you will begin to build confidence, challenge fears and increase your range of view on potentialities . This is Living with Valor!

My goal is to encourage and incite others to assume a more active role in their lives as they transition through several life changing phenomenons. Sometimes we can feel lost and hopeless not knowing where or how to begin to redevelop this internal support system. This is where I come in to help you change the internal conversation and increase your field of vision.

I am here to assist you as your coach, but know my approach to coaching and speaking is very eclectic and holistic. I utilize my experiences, the arts, tools, and life, as well as formal education to serve, support and assist you during your transition. In the end you will have big gains in living authentically and Living with Valor!

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